Add 30 Odd Minutes to Your Public Access Station

Welcome to 30 Odd Minutes... if the truth is out there... 30 Odd Minutes will only find it by sheer accident. 

30 Odd Minutes needs your help! Our show is already broadcast on dozens of public access television stations around the United States, but we want to bring the Odd further! We want to bring this free, non-commercial content to a wider audience. By promoting the discussion, we'll raise awareness and maybe even find some answers (while having a fun time along the way).

Here's how you can help. Contact your local cable/public access television station and tell them you'd like to see them add 30 Odd Minutes to their programming. In many cases, all we need is a sponsor. Being a sponsor is easy, and will only take a few minutes of your time. In some cases, you just need to go the station, show them your driver's license to prove you live in that town, and sign a piece of paper saying you sponsor us.

Stations can download the full resolution version of each episode FOR FREE from our page on Sign-up is free, and will give you access to our show. Due to the volume of stations, we are not able to burn DVDs and mail them. But you can download them for free here:

For more information, email us at: