30 Odd Minutes Guest Information

30 Odd Minutes offers a unique opportunity to paranormal researchers. Unlike radio programs, we can show the visual evidence (photos and videos) you gather and discuss it. Unlike regional and national television media, we can devote the time to really explore these topics. Our show is broadcast on multiple cable systems making the program available in tens of thousands of households, plus our show is archived on the Internet, allowing visitors to view previous episodes on demand for free.

We’re interested in great topics and people who can delve into those topics in a unique way. We strive to bring interesting and entertaining guests on a variety of paranormal topics from all over the world. This page is a resource for those who are planning to be a guest on our show. 

Technical Requirements for Guests:
1. High-speed Internet access - DSL or faster is required. If you're using a wireless router, it's important that your computer be hardwired to your modem for the interview for the best possible broadcast.

2. Skype - Unless you're coming to our studio for the interview, you'll need to install the Skype application (it's free to download and free to use). Next, sign up to get your username.

3. A decent Web camera - 1.3 mega pixels or higher is a good rule. Some of the built-in Web cameras in laptop computers are often not good enough for the broadcast. We can run a test ahead of time to ensure your camera will work. With high-end/high-resolution Web cameras, you sometimes need to lower the quality before the broadcast because it's more than Skype can handle. This is why we run tests before the show. Below are some Web cameras that we and our guests have successfully used. By no means are these the only cameras that will work.

Logitech Quickcam Fusion (961403-0403) - $49.95 on Amazon.com
HUE HD Green PC / Mac Webcam from Clique - $94.95 on Amazon.com

Setting Up Your Shot:
There are many corners of your home or office that will work as a backdrop for your interview. Here's some tips in choosing a location:

1. Lots of light! You want plenty of bright lights on in the room. 
2. Don't have a window or light behind where you're sitting. Your Web camera will focus on the light and make you dark.
3. You want to be in a quiet place without telephones ringing and kids screaming.
4. Look directly at your Web camera, not at your computer monitor. By looking at your Web camera you will be looking directly at our viewers. 

That's basically it. During the pre-interview set up we can help you fine-tune the shot.

Guidelines for Your Interview:
1. Have fun! Be energetic and excited about your topic.