Mission 169 – Demon Street USA with David Rountree and Robbie Lunt

This episode of 30 Odd Minutes is sponsored by Digital Dowsing

In Mission 169 we explore Demon Street USA with David Rountree and Robbie Lunt! When a woman in her Gainesville, Florida, home was dealing with forces she didn’t understand, she reached out to our guests for help. She was experiencing objects moving on their own, plus she was being thrown around and attacked by unseen forces. Our guests explain their spiritual journey and warfare against this evil entity in a battle that took a heavy toll on all involved. What happened when the entity followed them home? Tune in to find out!

Mission 140 – The Conjuring Case with Andrea Perron

This episode of 30 Odd Minutes is sponsored by Digital Dowsing

In Mission 140 we explore the case behind the new hit horror movie, The Conjuring with Andrea Perron — a woman who lived through the ordeal for ten years. In 1971, the Perron Family moved into a colonial farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island, with their five daughters. They soon believed they were experiencing something diabolical. Eventually, famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren got involved. In recent years, their story evolved into a two volume book penned by Andrea Perron: House of Darkness, House of Light which served as the basis for the movie The Conjuring. Don’t miss the story from someone who lived through it!

Episode 72 – Southern New England Haunts with Andrew Lake

In Episode 72 we go ghost hunting in Southern New England with author and paranormal researcher Andrew Lake! This region is full of haunts — some historic, some dark and creepy, and others that are just weird. Andrew Lake takes us on a ghostly tour through some of the region’s most infamous haunts like the USS Salem, the Mark Twain House, Union Cemetery, Mercy Brown’s grave, the Houghton Mansion, and more! Andrew Lake is the founder of Greenville Paranormal Research, and he’s the author of the new book, Ghosthunting Southern New England. Is Nicolas Cage a vampire? Is Will Ferrell a time travelling cross-breeder? Tune in to find out!