Mission 149 – The Water Horse of Lake Champlain with Katy Elizabeth

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In Mission 149 we explore Lake Champlain in search of Champy the lake monster with author and researcher Katy Elizabeth. Over 490 square miles in size, Lake Champlain has plenty of room to hide, but could there be some living relic from the age of dinosaurs? We see some of the photographic evidence, hear Katy’s personal account, discuss her new book, Water Horse of Lake Champlain, and debate why someone might keep this creature a secret. Dr. Dreck stops by with leftover Halloween candy, and don’t miss Bulgaria aliens in the news!

Mission #79 – The Patterson Bigfoot Film with Jeff Hilling

In Mission #79 we discuss one of the most scrutinized pieces of film ever: The 1967 Patterson Gimlin film that shows a purported Bigfoot walking through the woods of Northern California. We look at the famous footage, see other evidence, and speak with a man who has researched the video and the phenomenon surrounding this incident that has gone on to become part of popular culture. He says there’s more than meets the eye here. Jeff Hilling is the author of the new book, The Great Bigfoot Film Mystery. Was a real Bigfoot captured on tape in 1967? Did the Oddball Crew capture one in 2010? Tune in to find out!

Episode 57 – Pennsylvania Bigfoot with Eric Altman

In Episode 57 we discuss Pennsylvania Bigfoot with Eric Altman! Eric is the director of the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society. At age 14 he was inspired by paranormal researcher Stan Gordon to pursue cryptozoology, and by 1997 he began active field investigations. An avid outdoorsman, Altman is at home traipsing through the woods looking for evidence of as-yet unknown creatures, and when he’s not doing that, he’s hosting Beyond the Edge Radio. Altman shares some of the photos from three of his top investigations, plus a field report from a haunted and very violet hotel room!