Mission 105 – Time Slips

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In Mission 105 we explore time slips — what happens when two periods of time bump into each other. We hear from Eric Jones of Colorado who experienced such an event, and we explore the why behind it. Dr. Dreck stops by to weigh in, and don’t miss the Loch Ness Monster and Mars in the news!

4 thoughts on “Mission 105 – Time Slips

  1. “Of course it is All in your Head, but why does that mean it is Not Real?” -Dumbledore

  2. I can attest to this being at least one explanation for hauntings. I (along with my dog) once watched a man materialize next to my bed and point a device at me before fading away. Later on I started watching ghost hunting shows and thought about this experience as I watched the investigators running around with their EMF detectors. What if I was the “ghost” in his world? If I had spoken, would he have captured an EVP? Is there someone in that particular house in the future who keeps seeing my apparition, prompting them to call in an investigator? Glad to see this topic is being discussed!

  3. I have a license plate witch I found in 1973…..It has 1978 tags on it…Kind of impossible…never had a reasonable explanation….

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