Mission 104 – LIVE from Eastern State Penitentiary: Scared Straight

This episode of 30 Odd Minutes is sponsored by Digital Dowsing

In Mission 104 we explore the ghosts of Eastern State Penitentiary at the Darkness Radio 2012 Scared Straight event in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! The live audience of Oddballs were treated to an esteemed panel of guests including: George Noory from Coast to Coast AM, Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures, Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis from Darkness Radio, Brian J. Cano from Haunted Collector, and Bill Chappell from Digital Dowsing. We talk about this great old haunted prison, where the paranormal is going, and how and why we deal with the unexplained. Don’t miss it!

2 thoughts on “Mission 104 – LIVE from Eastern State Penitentiary: Scared Straight

  1. I absolutely love your show. Not able to view some of the episodes on mobile. I do keep a link to it on my website. Hope 30 Odd stays on air for a long time. You folks have one of those unique cast groups that make shows last, like Seinfeld. Gotta have the core ppl. Best regards.

  2. I just wanted to say, that I love 30 odd min. and I never miss a show! You Odd people make it very interesting!! And I love Jeff Belanger and I had the oppertunity to meet him at the Ohio State Reformatory, hes a Hoot!! Keep on being Odd!!

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