Mission 84 – Alien Abductions

In Mission 84 we explore alien abductions! To think we’re alone in the universe is absurd. But are advanced beings from distant worlds crossing vast distances just to check us out? Our guests tonight say they are. First we’ll hear from Sarah LaBrie, a woman who says she was abducted by aliens as a child. You’ll hear the harrowing details of her story. Then we speak with Sarah Harmon, a person who specializes in hypnosis and regression therapy for abductees. Plus Dr. Dreck’s lab experiment goes horribly wrong, a field report from Iceland, and don’t miss the news: aliens meeting with U.S. presidents? Tune in to find out!

1 thought on “Mission 84 – Alien Abductions

  1. Amazing show. Brings back some memories. Seems to me, it is some glitch that allows us to be able to detect or remember alien encounter at all. Surgeons today can easily knock someone unconscious, and they will remember nothing. . The assumption of course is that aliens are highly advanced, and I imagine many are, but what about beings that operates on different realms? This might imply nothing about how advanced they are, only perhaps that they are sentient.

    My encounter has left no imprint of any spaceship, that I am aware of, in my memory. I remember being aware of being in my room, but that may have been induced hallucination. I may not have been in the room at all. I remember a black box over to my right, resting on or above the desk adjacent to the bed. The box was humming very strangely, and it was somehow linked to my brain. I woke up to this. When I woke up, I was uncomfortable, and quickly realized I could not move. I’ve had sleep paralysis, but never had or since has involved a quasisolid machine. The quasisolid machine was performing operations on me / my brain, controlled by unseen entities. This was extremely advanced technology, I was finally released as the black box disappeared, entities gone. And I was drenched, powerfully frightened. .

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