Episode 53 – Crashing the Ghost Adventures Guys

Now filming their fifth season, the Oddballs sit down with Zak, Nick, and Aaron, from the Ghost Adventures show on the Travel Channel to discuss the show, their harrowing moments, what follows them home, and much more! Tune in to hear the stuff they don’t talk about on their show. What happens when the lights go out? Tune in to find out!

3 thoughts on “Episode 53 – Crashing the Ghost Adventures Guys

  1. The bland leading the bland. This show has gone right down the shitter. I just wasted 30 minutes of my life watching this garbage.

  2. This episode was very confusing with everyone talking at once. I cannot believe Jeff associates with the Ghost Adventures crew. They are to say it bluntly impostor. Fakers. As always this comment won’t be posted but ahem… I will keep watching the show. No more GA crew.

  3. I really enjoy watching GA and just came across 30 odd minutes and greatly enjoy that as well. For previous commentators…. You knew what the clip was about-so why watch it?

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