About 30 Odd Minutes

The 30 Odd Minutes Mother Ship is run by a group of oddballs who are passionate about exploring the unexplained. Each person helps out in a variety of ways, and each brings a unique perspective to the table.

Don't touch Jeff Belanger.Jeff Belanger
Jeff is the author of more than a dozen books on the paranormal, he’s the founder of Ghostvillage.com, the Web’s most popular ghostly destination, and he’s been a guest discussing the odd and unusual on more than 100 radio and television programs including: The History Channel, The Travel Channel, Living TV (UK), The Maury Show, The CBS News Early Show, National Public Radio, The BBC, Australian Radio Network, Coast to Coast AM, Spooky Southcoast, and The 'X' Zone. Intrigued by all things weird and paranormal, Jeff enjoys speaking with people from all walks of life about their encounters with the profound. He also thought 30 Odd Minutes would be the perfect excuse to get out of the house one night a week for beer. He’s the host, creator, executive producer, and often buys the first round after the show. Favorite beer: Dogfish IPA

Don't touch Andrew Lake.Andrew Lake
Andrew is a Rhode Island native who has known since the age of eleven that ghosts are real and scientists with fancy equipment and stiff theories need to get real. Going to work right after graduating from Smithfield High School in 1982, he has done many jobs including courier, warehouseman, travel guide researcher, stand up comedian (no money in that!) and home health care technician. During the nine years Andrew worked with the sick and elderly, his belief in an existence after death was reinforced by tales told to him by patients and their families. Living in a haunted house for five years also helped cement his fascination with ghosts and their antics.

Andrew formed Greenville Paranormal Research in 2006 and has worked with some of the best ghost hunters the Northeast has to offer. Besides being the author of Ghosthunting Southern New England, he is currently producing, writing, and directing documentaries about haunted locations around New England. Lake also produced and edited the DVDs for author/researcher Christopher Balzano's books Picture Yourself Ghost Hunting and Picture Yourself Capturing Ghosts On Film as well as Jeff Belanger’s Picture Yourself Legend Tripping. Andrew has appeared on Spooky Southcoast Radio, Ghost Chronicles, Ghost R Near, WBRU, WJAR, FOX News and Paranormal TV. Favorite Beer: Guiness

Don't touch Matt Moniz.Matt Moniz
Matt has been a scientist for the last 20 years in the field of analytical chemistry, working in the past for environmental, commercial/contract product testing, and pharmaceutical laboratories. He is the science advisor for the weekly radio show Spooky Southcoast airing on Saturday nights on WBSM 1420 AM. For over 25 years he has been involved firsthand working with the world’s best in all areas of paranormal research doing scientific tests on materials connected to things like: UFOs and alien abductions, Crop circles, Witchcraft, psychic phenomena, ghosts, cryptozoology, and a multitude of other related topics. His scientific work is featured in dozens of books pertaining to these fields, and he has appeared on a number TV shows and documentaries about the paranormal over the years like: MonsterQuest, Conversations With a Serial Killer, and more. Matt is one of the producers of 30 Odd Minutes as well as a researcher and cameramen for the show. Favorite Beer: Bass.

Don't touch Erik Fischer.Erik Fischer
Erik has been the Production Coordinator at ABMI since June 2011. He studied Communication and Media Studies at Bridgewater State University where he found his love of filmmaking (and beer). Hoping to find a long-term career in the film industry, Erik has spent some time working in various positions on amateur films and student projects, mostly enjoying his time in front of the camera and editing. He also enjoys trying to build practical effects and camera equipment with the little money and skills that he has (time to buy some stock in Band-Aids). Erik has no experience in the paranormal, but sometime looks like Sasquatch when he's hungover in the morning. When not piloting the Mother Ship, Erik likes to create short films, play guitar, travel, and watch soccer. Favorite Beer: Stella Artois

Don't touch Dr. Dreck.Dr. Dreck
Michael Legge aka Dr. Dreck, is the host of the cable access show, The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck, a retro style horror host show presenting great and not-so-great old horror, sci-fi, and mystery films. With his co-host "Moaner" (Lorna Nogueira), the show has been on the air for over eight years and is presently being broadcast on over 30 stations across the USA. Michael's lifelong interest in all things weird are reflected in the movies of his independent film company, Sideshow Cinema. Last year, his feature film, Evan Straw, won best feature at the New England Underground Film Festival. His comedy movies include Working Stiffs (zombies), Loons (witches curse), Braindrainer (alien), My Mouth Lies Screaming (maniac), and his serious paranormal movie, Evan Straw. His movie, The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck (a film about the origins of Dr. Dreck and Moaner), along with his other films are available on DVD through his store: http://sideshowcinema.weebly.com/the-store.html, or through Amazon. If this isn't enough, he is also the artistic director of the theater company, The Medway Players located in central Massachusetts. He is a published playwright with JAC Publishers, and his science fiction comedy play, Time Was, concerns time lines leaking into each other. Fortunately he is a retired postal worker or he'd be dead by now.

Don't touch Sarah Coombs.Sarah Coombs - [MISSING IN ACTION]
Sarah is, by day, a psychotherapist and clinical researcher with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and has, like most true geeks, been interested in all things unusual, paranormal, supernatural, and unexplained since childhood. Growing up, she could usually be found wandering about graveyards, immersed in a fantasy/sci-fi/horror novel or poking around creepy places rumored to be haunted, including her own home. Sarah has poked around in a multitude of hobbies and careers in this lifetime including television news, radio broadcasting, public relations, marketing, academia, mental health, and theatre... all of which, oddly enough, seem to fit in perfectly with being part of the Oddball crew. Sarah lives for hearing people’s life stories, the more bizarre the better, and envisions using her clinical expertise to assist others in dealing with paranormal activity as well as to debunk claims that may be more aptly explained by psychology and/or biological science. When not dabbling in creative endeavors, she’s out in the paranormal field as a fledgling investigator with anyone who will let her tag along for the ride. She considers the living to be far more frightening than the dead, and death to be nothing more than the next great adventure. Favorite Beer: Delirium Nocturnum
Sarah was tragically lost in a teleporter accident during Mission 111. She will be missed aboard the Mother Ship.

Honorary Oddballs

Don't touch Lora Markova.Lora Markova
Lora was the odd (wo)man out of the Oddball crew. A proud citizen of the world, she has lived and worked all over the globe, most recently in Dubai, UAE. She is an experienced broadcast journalist and a true Jane-of-all-trades, having dabbled in live webcast hosting, business magazine and comic book editing, Hollywood film production, real estate sales, international media consulting, yoga teaching, and digital marketing, to name just a few. Before Dr. Dreck accidentally teleported her into the Mother Ship, Lora was working as a news reporter in Dubai, where she met and interviewed a number of world leaders and celebrities. You can find her on her Facebook or Twitter page. Favorite Beer: Kentucky Bourbon Ale

Brett Lyerla
Brett from B'hold Designs has not only turned our crew into zombies and monsters, but he also had a hand in redesigning the Mother Ship's control centers. No longer are we jiggling the handle and knocking on the thruster lever six times to turn left, now we have proper controls... we just can't figure out how to use them to keep from crashing each week. Little help, Brett?