Mission 93 – After Death Communication with Gary Galka

In Mission 93 we hear Gary Galka’s powerful story of communication with the spirit of his daughter, Melissa who passed tragically in 2004. Gary used his technical background to develop electronic tools like the Mel Meter that have been seen on just about every ghost investigation show on television. Using those same tools, Gary has captured compelling audio evidence from Melissa. You’ll hear some of those recordings in tonight’s show and learn about how this communication has helped the Galkas in their grieving. They know death is not the end. Recently, the Galka family appeared on an episode of Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. You’ll also hear recordings Gary captured during that investigation that didn’t make it in the show. Through the sale of his equipment, Gary supports several charities including: Compassionate Friends, Mary’s Place, and The Cove.

Episode 78 – Your Ghost Encounters

In Episode 78 we explore your paranormal encounters. The Oddball Crew set the Mother Ship down right into the middle of a dark and stormy night. We reach out and speak to three of our viewers about their most profound ghost experiences, plus we hear some EVP evidence and see some photographic evidence from some of Oddball Andrew Lake’s recent investigations. We also hear from one viewer who says she was scared straight by her frightening demonic encounter. Tune in for more!

Episode 76 – Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) with Mike Markowicz

In Episode 76 we tune in to the other side as we explore Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) with Mike Markowicz! Markowicz is an electronics tinkerer who first got into spirit communication almost a decade ago. Since then he’s gone on to develop specialized equipment for recording Electronic Voice Phenomenon, he’s become a sought after lecturer on the topic, he’s the co-host of East Bridgewater’s Most Haunted, and the author of EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon: Massachusetts Ghostly Voices. In this episode he shares his evidence and methods live in the mother ship. From children’s screams to otherworldly come-ons, check out these recordings!