Mission 117 – The Real Exorcist Case with Thomas B. Allen

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In Mission 117 we explore the real case of demonic possession behind William Peter Blatty’s horror masterpiece, The Exorcist. Author and researcher Thomas B. Allen obtained a copy of the priest’s diary that was kept during the 1949 exorcism of a boy dubbed “Robbie Doe” that reads like a horror novel. Allen used that diary to write his book: Possessed. We discuss what happened, how it differs from the famous movie, and what happened to Robbie Doe after his exorcisms. We also apologize for the poor audio quality on this mission–the Mother Ship must have hit a solar storm that interfered with the transmission. Don’t miss UFOs over Denver in the news and Dr. Dreck’s own possession!

Episode 8 – Demons and Exorcism

(Aired August 13, 2009) In Episode Eight, we come to you live from our studios in hell. We talk demons, possession, and exorcism with demonologist, Adam Blai. Blai brings a background in psychology and a lot of experience with demonic cases to the interview. He talks about some of the signs of possession and what he’s personally witnessed. We also have some compelling Bigfoot evidence taken by Jason Lorefice of Paranormal Investigators of New England in Hockomock Swamp in Massachusetts. And don’t miss our One Question Interview with Lee Ann from the Lizzie Borden House. Can you roast marshmallows in hell? Watch to find out!