Mission 110 – Real Wolfmen with Linda Godfrey

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In Mission 110 we explore wolfmen and upright canines with Linda Godfrey! Godfrey is America’s foremost authority on modern-day werewolves. She discusses the cases she’s documented in her new book Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America, the roots of the werewolf, and shares some sketches from first-hand witnesses of these creatures. Don’t miss Dr. Dreck and time travelling aliens in the news!

Episode 74.5 – LIVE from The Chicago Ghost Conference!

Episode 74.5 is the lost episode of 30 Odd Minutes! Back on September 30, 2011, Jeff Belanger landed the Mother Ship in Chicago to do a live stage version of 30 Odd Minutes for the Chicago Ghost Conference. There were cameras set up to record the event from several angles, but tragically the main tape with the audio was wiped out somehow (we blame secret government organizations). Someone in the audience recorded the whole thing on their video camera and posted it to Youtube… we don’t even know who to thank (or blame, as the case may be…)… but here it is: The LOST 30 Odd Minutes. There will be more of these live shows filmed at future paranormal conferences. Stay Tuned!

Episode 35 – The Wisconsin Werewolf with Linda Godfrey

In episode 35 we explore the Wisconsin Werewolf with noted author and researcher, Linda Godfrey. From this creature’s roots in lore and legend, to medical conditions that cause people to grow hair all over their face and bodies, we explore the werewolf with a focus on the sightings that have occurred in Wisconsin over the last 80 years. Godfrey is the author of: Weird Wisconsin, The Beast of Bray Road, and Hunting The American Werewolf, among many others. Don’t miss a new One Question Interview. Is there a Manwolf lurking in the United States or is this some shape shifter? Tune in to find out!