Mission 121 – American Folklore with S.E. Schlosser

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In Mission 121 we explore American Folklore with author S.E. Schlosser! Stories are how we connect and relate to other people and with our past, but are they more than just stories? We discuss classic legends like John Henry, Robert Johnson selling his soul to the devil, The Hook, and more. Schlosser is the author of the Spooky series of books and the founder of AmericanFolklore.net. Also, Dr. Dreck tries his hand at the teleporter again and someone new shows up on the Mother Ship–tune in to see it!

Episode 29 – Folklore and Legends with Dr. Michael Bell

In Episode 29 we talk folklore and legends with author and lecturer, Dr. Michael Bell. Michael Bell received his Ph.D. in Folklore from Indiana University, Bloomington, and has since gone on to publish many papers on the subject of oral traditions and folklore. He’s also taught folklore and anthropology at the university level. His book, Food for the Dead: On the Trail of New England’s Vampires, is the Bible of New England vampire tales. He knows about things that go bump in the night. You’ve seen him on the National Geographic Channel, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, A&E, and FOX. Don’t miss Oddball Sarah’s dance number and a new report from the field. Does the crew summon Bloody Mary during the show? Tune in to find out! If the truth is out there… 30 Odd Minutes will find it… but only by sheer accident.