Mission 154 – Maryland Ghosts with Amelia Cotter

This episode of 30 Odd Minutes is sponsored by Digital Dowsing

In Mission 154 we explore Maryland Ghosts with author and storyteller Amelia Cotter. From haunted college dorms to Civil War-era fort, the Free State is full of haunted legends and ghostly encounters. Amelia shares some of her own experiences and guides us through some gruesome history. Plus don’t miss Bigfoot in the news!

1 thought on “Mission 154 – Maryland Ghosts with Amelia Cotter

  1. I was,born&raised in Maryland, and I too am a paranormal(ghost Hunter)investigator
    I have been to a few of the places that Amelia Cotter talked about. And she is right, there are definitely a lot haunted locations here, our state of Maryland.
    Great interview!!

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