Mission 95 – Your Paranormal Encounters – 3 Year Anniversary Special!

This episode of 30 Odd Minutes is sponsored by Digital Dowsing

In Mission 95 we celebrate our three-year anniversary with YOUR paranormal encounters. We hear from Chris Wingerd about his Bigfoot encounter in Maryland, John Stephenson shares some incredible photographs he took in the haunted Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery near Chicago, Scarlett Cosentino tells us about her first ghost encounter at age 16, and Dave McCuin tells us about his run-in with a ghost dog. Dr. Dreck stops by to wish us a Happy Birthday and don’t miss time travelers in the news!

One thought on “Mission 95 – Your Paranormal Encounters – 3 Year Anniversary Special!

  1. Hey oddballs,
    I re-watched this episode because I just visited Bachelor’s Grove, and I believe I caught an apparition of a woman holding a baby. Let me know if you are interested in seeing the photo and I will be happy to send it to you.

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