Mission 81 – Ghost Research: Science or Spiritual? With Dustin Pari

In Mission 81 we get spiritual aboard the Mother Ship with Dustin Pari! Dustin is a paranormal researcher who started investigating ghosts when he was a teenager. Since then he’s gone on co-author two books including his latest, My Home is Haunted, Now What? He’s the founder of Patch Ministries. You know him best from the hit TV series Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International and tonight he’s all yours. We abducted him right off the street. Did a demonic force knock Dustin on his butt in an Irish castle? Tune in to find out!

Mission 79.5 – Extraterrestrial Intervention (and technical difficulties) with Paul Von Ward

In Mission 79.5 we shout Mayday! Mayday! The engine room has trouble and technical difficulties abound as we attempt to discuss extraterrestrial intervention and the influence of Advanced Beings on human history with Paul Von Ward, author of the book, “We’ve Never Been Alone: A History of Extraterrestrial Intervention.” Like to watch us squirm when we can’t get our guest beaming up to the Mother Ship? Then tune in! The Oddballs hung our heads after this one. On to the next mission.

Mission #79 – The Patterson Bigfoot Film with Jeff Hilling

In Mission #79 we discuss one of the most scrutinized pieces of film ever: The 1967 Patterson Gimlin film that shows a purported Bigfoot walking through the woods of Northern California. We look at the famous footage, see other evidence, and speak with a man who has researched the video and the phenomenon surrounding this incident that has gone on to become part of popular culture. He says there’s more than meets the eye here. Jeff Hilling is the author of the new book, The Great Bigfoot Film Mystery. Was a real Bigfoot captured on tape in 1967? Did the Oddball Crew capture one in 2010? Tune in to find out!