Episode 69 – The Amityville House with Christopher Quaratino (Lutz)

In Episode 69 we go inside the world’s most famous haunted house — Amityville — with one of the three people still alive today who knows exactly what happened. On November 13, 1974, Ronald Butch DeFeo Jr. walked into his house at 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York, and shot his two parents, his two brothers, and two sisters dead. He was convicted of the crime and still sits in jail today. The house sat empty for over a year and the price plummeted. In December of 1975, the Lutz Family: George, Kathy, and Kathy’s children Daniel, Melissa, and Christopher, all from a previous marriage moved in. For the next 28 days the family experienced haunting events that would eventually make this home one of the most famous haunted houses in the world today. The Amityville Horror, as it was known has been the subject of a lot of controversy over the years. There have been books written about it, movies made, and the debate continues to rage on. Tonight we hear from Christopher Quaratino (Lutz), who was seven years old when his family lived in the infamous house. We hear about what really happened and how those events have affected his life ever since. Tune in!

8 thoughts on “Episode 69 – The Amityville House with Christopher Quaratino (Lutz)

  1. Thank you Jeff & Chris. This has needed to be told for so long. I have lived in haunted houses all my life & it was obvious the movie was all hollywood. Thank you for telling the truth.

  2. I feel so badly for Chris and his siblings for all that they have been through. I just pray that Chris and his family are released from whatever this is all about. Sadly, I don’t believe that Chris starting a competition will help him in the long run. I pray for peace for him and his family!

  3. Thank you both so much for doing this episode. I’m sorry Chris that you and your family suffered so much–not only by paranormal occurrences–but also at the ignorance of people around you.

    I’ve had paranormal experiences during my entire life–and it feels terrible to try to talk to someone about these things–only to be mocked and ridiculed.

    Thank you again for sharing your experiences.


  4. I believe that there really was supernatural events that happened to the lutz family, however its unfair for chris to put all his blame on hollywood, kathy and george lutz have clearly stated in many video interviews, what appear to be extremely over exaggerated lies about the events. e.g. george once said that there was a storm but only they could here it in the house! thats utter bullshit, and was to simply cover up the fact that there was no storm that night! if you come out with lines like that you can’t expect people to believe you! and they supported the majority of the book even when clearly proved wrong! If they had told the truth like chris has then he wouldn’t have had to go through all this abuse from people saying its a hoax.. I just can’t understand why he let his parents continue to exaggerate the story if its was having that bad of an effect on his life!

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  6. Okay, so what ever became of Chris’s “challenge to Hollywood”? I know that not only this story, but many other stories are constantly being re-made now (such as the new Carrie flick). I would think that this guy would be able to cash in on this now being all Hollywood does is recycle old movies and TV shows. Can you post and let us know?

  7. I believe Christopher Quarantino l. He lived in the Amityville house and it must have been tragic for him and his family. Chris thank you for coming out and telling the truth about some of the things that happened. I understand that there are things that you want to keep to yourself and it’s quite understandable. Sorry for everything you went through when you were a kid and the stuff you are going through now as an adult.

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