Episode 68 – Live-ish From the Haunted Fearing Tavern

In Episode 68 the Oddball Crew visits the haunted Fearing Tavern in Wareham, Massachusetts. Built circa 1690, the Fearing Tavern is one of the oldest buildings in the United States. It’s been the home of royal loyalists during the Revolutionary War, and it’s served as a tavern and boarding house. After seeing so much history it’s no wonder this building is haunted. Just like our studio show this episode is live straight through with no cuts. When mistakes happen (as they always do with us), we roll with it. Along the tour and investigation of the Tavern we bump into Ghosts of the SouthCoast author Tim Weisberg. Tune in to find out what bumps in the night inside this ancient treasure!

One thought on “Episode 68 – Live-ish From the Haunted Fearing Tavern

  1. What’s the app that Sarah as using on her iPad around the 17:40 mark? I’ve seen some that claim to measure EMF around them, but was wondering if there were any validity to these claims since electronics (especially cellphones) emit an electromagnetic field themselves.

    Love the show guys. Going to try to tune in for my first live one tonight.

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