Episode 65 – Illinois Haunts with Michael Kleen

In Episode 65 with visit with historian and author Michael Kleen to discuss the haunts of Illinois! The Prairie State has more than its share of history and ghosts. Mr. Kleen gives us a tour of Illinois and shows us some of the great stories and tragedies that have left a permanent mark on the state. Michael has a master’s degree in history from Eastern Illinois University and he’s the author of numerous books including: Tales of Coles County, Illinois, Six Tales of Terror, Shades of Gray, and Haunting Illinois. He’s been a guest on many radio and television programs, and tonight he’s all yours. Don’t miss viewer emails and a field report from Rhode Island’s haunted Ram Tail factory!

1 thought on “Episode 65 – Illinois Haunts with Michael Kleen

  1. What a great show that was! Of course I don’t get interesting shows like this on cable, but from what I could see, you have an entertaining show. Your guest Michael seems to have a lot of eerie info on Illinois. I know he said he tends to follow the more uncommon stories out there, it would be good to read about the well known stories as well, if he would care to investigate that some time too. Lincoln!

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