2010 Holiday Special

In our 2010 Holiday Extravaganza, the Oddballs make merry, swap stories, read some of your emails and well wishes, get a holiday check in from cryptozoologist Don Keating, and build the world’s first haunted gingerbread house live during the show. Don’t miss the epic holiday poem that starts the show. Thanks for a great year, 30 Odd fans!

Episode 51 – Lampooning the Paranormal with Scott Gruenwald

In Episode 51 we lampoon the paranormal! If you’ve ever seen any paranormal show… ever (besides 30 Odd Minutes, of course), you know how serious these shows try to be. Each seems to want to outdo the other by being darker and more extreme. There was only one direction left to go: silly. The paranormal CAN be fun and funny. Many of us have sat out all night long in the hopes of seeing something potentially invisible, maybe we all need a good laugh at ourselves sometime, that’s why there’s Scott Gruenwald and his show, The Paranormal Stu. What happens when Scott breaks into song? Tune in to find out!