Episode 50 – Haunted Objects with John Zaffis

In Episode 50 we talk haunted objects with demonologist and paranormal investigator John Zaffis. Zaffis has been investigating the paranormal for over 35 years. He got his start working with his aunt and uncle, renowned investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, and since then he’s gone on to investigate thousands of cases all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. The demonologist has worked with exorcists of many different faiths, he has an extensive museum of possessed possessions in his Connecticut home, you’ve seen him on countless television programs and documentaries, and tonight he makes his 30 Odd Minutes debut. Don’t miss the scared object John shows us from the Haunting in Connecticut case!

Episode 49 – History of Ghost Hunting with Amy Bruni from Ghost Hunters

In Episode 49 we explore the history of ghost hunting with Amy Bruni from the Syfy television show Ghost Hunters. Many facets of modern-day ghost hunting can trace its roots to 1848 when the Fox Sisters in Hydesville, New York, heard strange knocks on the wall. Those knocks helped launch the Spiritualist Movement, which led to psychical research, which eventually led to ghost hunting. There’s no denying that the show Ghost Hunters has played a huge role in turning paranormal investigation into a modern-day craze. Amy Bruni grew up in a haunted house in California, she was the producer for Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from TAPS, and now she’s a regular cast member on the Ghost Hunters program. Where does Bruni want to haunt after she dies? Tune in to find out!

Episode 48 – The Ghosts of the Stanley Hotel

In Episode 48 we visit the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado with its resident paranormal investigator, Callea Seck! The Stanley Hotel was built by F.O. Stanley in 1909. Famous for his Stanley Steamer automobile, Stanley intended to bring luxury to the Rocky Mountain resort town. This storied hotel was the inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining. King stayed in room 217 when he wrote the now famous book and movie… and the room, they say… is haunted. You’ve seen the Stanley Hotel in countless paranormal programs, and on this episode you get to hear the stories, see the hotspots, and experience some of the evidence for yourself. Don’t miss a One Question Interview with Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures!