Episode 24 – Paranormal Technology with Inventor Andy Coppock

In Episode 24 we talk Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and paranormal technology with inventor Andy Coppock. Andy is a Research Scientist for the biomedical community with a background in Mechanical Engineering, Laser Photonics, Physics and Quantum Mechanics. His quest into paranormal investigation has led to the development of new instrumentation and testing criteria for paranormal investigations. Basically the guy went to MIT, he’s really smart, and when he noticed his workshop space seemed to be haunted, he applied what he knows to try and figure it all out. Don’t miss some incredible video footage captured on Coppock’s security camera and full spectrum camera. Plus, in this episode we debut the newest members of the Oddball crew. But is he human? Tune in to find out! If the truth is out there… 30 Odd Minutes will find it… but only by sheer accident.

2 thoughts on “Episode 24 – Paranormal Technology with Inventor Andy Coppock

  1. This was a really good show and we need more tecnos working on these type things. we really need some that people can afford so if you can have a show on low coast investigative tec it would be grate…

  2. i find this very hard to believe the broom,the glasses, and door looked like they all had strings or fishing line attached. the person behind the tree in no way was a ghost and he did not actually walk through the girl, if you look closely you can see he passed just in front of her. besides i do not know what this whole thing has to do with itc.

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